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Creepy Friends

"Emotional Support Therapy Animals," or whatever you prefer to call them, have been in the news lately but I don't read much of that sort of news so I'm not sure what the stories are about. Just for fun, let's assume that the stories were about airlines cracking down on people putting "support animal" vests on their pets when they don't actually need them, then, when asked if they have an actual need for the animal, people get indignant and pissed off that an airline is questioning their disability, when, in fact, they actually don't have one.

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All Natural

It's a fun day for Bizarro Jazz Pickles. Not only are there TEN Secret Symbols to find in today's comic (click it to embiggenate it and begin your search!) but I've created a fun, new T-shirt design that I think those of you with a touch of social courage and a certain opinion of overly-used, overly-cute images will enjoy tremendously.

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