Permissions and Licensing

Are Bizarro cartoons in the public domain?

No, Bizarro cartoons are not in the public domain; Dan Piraro owns the copyright on all Bizarro images.

Can I use a Bizarro image in my book/presentation/classroom/blog post/social media post, etc.?

Any reprint or licensing request that involves a money-making venture (i.e., you plan to use a cartoon in a book, presentation, etc., that will produce income) will need to be expressly approved, and may incur a fee for use. If this applies to you, please get in touch to inquire about your specific situation.

In all cases, our implied or expressly given permission never allows altering the cartoon in any way.

Before contacting us to ask about using an image, please read the information below and see if it applies to your situation.

Teachers & Educational Institutions/Churches/Nonprofits

We generally allow people to use a Bizarro cartoon free of charge as long as it is not a commercial venture (i.e., you aren’t making money from it). If this is the case, then you may obtain a low-resolution copy of the cartoon you want to use from this link using the search buttons under the Daily Comic.

If you need a high-resolution file for printing, or if you do want to use the image in a for-profit context, please contact us and we can discuss a nominal licensing fee to use the image and/or get you the image file you need.

Social Media Posts & One-Time Blog Posts

You’re allowed to use a Bizarro cartoon in a single blog post free of charge as long as your blog is not a commercial venture (i.e., you don’t make money from your blog). This does not give you permission to use the cartoon as a permanent feature on your blog or website, nor does it give you permission to alter the cartoon in any way. We appreciate a link to our website as attribution.

Similarly, posting a Bizarro cartoon to a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram is allowed and free. Please make sure the original artwork is fully displayed and unaltered, so Dan’s authorship of the cartoon is visible.

Ongoing Blog Posts

If you’d like to use Bizarro cartoons regularly in your blog posts, we charge a nominal $10 per month, payable through PayPal. Please get in touch if you’d like to arrange that.

When in doubt, please feel free to get in touch and include a few details in your message so we can assess your situation. Here are some examples of things we need to know:

  • Medium or type of publication are you requesting permission for

  • If a publication: Self-published or published by a mainstream publisher?

  • Hard copy only, digital, or both?

  • Target audience?

  • Projected first print run?

Other FAQs

Who’s Wayno?

Before January 1, 2018, Dan wrote and drew over 95% of my gags for Bizarro. After almost 35 years of writing and drawing a joke every single day, Dan has given himself a much-deserved break, and now only creates the Sunday cartoons. The Monday-through-Saturday cartoons are now all drawn and written by Dan’s good friend and colleague, Wayno, although they collaborate on many of the ideas and discuss how to make each one the best it can be.

Here’s my blog post that tells the whole story.

What are those little things you put in your cartoons? Why is there a number above your name?

Dan read a few too many Highlights magazines as a kid, and started hiding what he calls the Bizarro Secret Symbols in his cartoons a number of years ago. Fans have come to enjoy searching for the symbols in each cartoon, and Dan always includes the number of symbols one can find in that cartoon right next to the signature. Some cartoons will have more symbols than others hiding in the drawing, so if you haven’t seen your favorite in a while, just keep your eyes open.

If you’d like to discover the mysterious folklore behind the secret symbols, read all about them here.

Have any collections of Bizarro cartoons been published as books?

Dan has published around 16 or 18 books, most of them collections of Bizarro cartoons. All of them are out of print but most can still be found on Amazon.com. If you search under Dan Piraro’s name, you can still find quite a few of them there.

How do I order a print?

NOTE: The ability to buy prints through the site is temporarily disabled while King Features revamps their site. Get in touch to ask about how to order a print in the meantime.

Go to this page and find the cartoon you’re looking for by searching by date or keyword. Once the cartoon is displayed on your screen, click the “Buy Prints” button below it. From there it will direct you to the King Features site, where you can specify which of three print options you’d like, one of which includes framing.

The pricing breaks down as such: Gallery Quality Print $29.95+$3.95, Archival Matted Print $59.95+$4.95, Matted & Framed Print $99.95+Free Shipping (includes a simple black frame).

Note: Some of Dan’s earlier work is not available through our website. If you aren’t able to find the cartoon you are looking for through our Search feature, please reach out through the contact form and give us the publication date and a brief description of the cartoon you want. We’ll get back to you about how to order older cartoons by phone, if it’s available in our archives.

Do you offer signed prints?

Given the cost of shipping a print to Dan’s house in Mexico and then either back to the printer to be framed or to the recipient, prints will be signed digitally by the printer. This means a digital signature will be added to the image, not a hand-drawn signature. If you’d like to order a signed print, please call Scott Olsen at King Features directly: 800-708-7311 ext 245

Do you sell original Bizarro cartoon art?

Absolutely! We have a small selection of original, signed Bizarro art created by Dan’s actual hands available here, but most of the original cartoon art is stored in our personal archives. If you’re looking for the original art of a specific cartoon, get in touch to see if it’s available for purchase. Prices range from $600-$1200.

You might also enjoy his fine art, at diegopiraro.com, where you can buy prints of his fine artwork.