The Right Wright

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Puns like the one above are always subject to criticism. Of those of you who just read it for the first time moments ago, some are chuckling and some are groaning. My personal theory with wordplay humor is that if a person thinks the punchline is in any way predictable, they’ll groan but if it surprises them, they’ll chuckle. I’ll be honest, this one had both aspects for me. I found the “right” to “Wright” leap fairly predictable, but then seeing the plane outside and tracing it back to his odd suit gave me enough of a surprise to pass the test. Feel free to tell me in the comments which side of the fence you fell on.

Full disclosure: I drew but didn’t write this gag. An e-friend of mine from New Jersey who was an amateur cartoonist (he’s now sold a few so can’t be called an amateur!) wrote this gag and drew it in his own style. When I saw it, I chuckled. I asked if I could use it and after some negotiation, we came to an agreement. That’s how they do things in Jersey.

Two personal things about this cartoon: I hated drawing that damned, complicated flying contraption, and I loved drawing the different characters at the party. By the way, the dude in the navy T-shirt is Sal. (That was part of the deal.)

That’s got me wondering what kind of cartoon contraptions Wayno concocted last week. Let’s find out…

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The thing about cats is that they love fast food. The slow ones aren’t as much fun.

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To get this joke, you have to have heard the expression, “The devil is in the details”. I know this because of the numerous people on various social media sites that have been asking what this cartoon means. I suppose it would also help to know what the expression itself means so that you can appreciate how it was changed to achieve a joke, but I feel like that would be holding your hand too much and I don’t want to insult you.

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Here’s a fun St. Patrick’s Day challenge: close your eyes and spell “LEPRECHAUN” without looking at the way I just spelled it.  

And here’s another one: go to Wayno’s weekly blog post about these cartoons and see the amusing words he has for how most Americans celebrate St. Paddy’s Day. (But don’t forget to come right back.)

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Clement happens to be my very favorite kind of weather. My favorite kind of whether is “or not”.

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The outfit is an overshare, too, because he’s actually not wearing pants.

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Until next week, be happy, be smart, be nice, and resist ignorance and fascism.

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