Crossing Lines

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This is a political cartoon of sorts but I’m not in the mood to feel utter despair today so I don’t want to talk about politics. Instead, let’s talk about cartoon aliens!

The most fun thing about this cartoon was drawing it and I’m sorry I couldn’t share that part with you. I like to draw lots of things but aliens and their outer-space stuff are always a fave because there are no rules; you can go just about anywhere with it. There’s also a long and rich history of science fiction art to inspire you, so you can riff on that a bit, too. Like the one-eyed alien, which younger people sometimes assume I nabbed from the aliens on The Simpsons, but those guys are actually parodies of the kinds of aliens that were commonly drawn in the 50s and 60s, as are mine, to a degree.

You may also have noticed that these two guys seem as though they may be much larger versions of my ubiquitous Bizarro Alien, about whom you can read on my official Secret Symbols page. I’m not certain of the zoological path between the two of them but I suspect they’re at least as related as chihuahuas and wolves. And speaking of dogs, how much would you love to have that little three-legged, three-eyed thing as a pet?

Let’s find out now what kind of pets Wayno left out of his cartoons this week…

Bz C 190909 P.jpg

I like a restaurant where the chef is available for bondage role playing with customers. So rare these days.

Bz C 190910 P.jpg

Many of you likely know that the Catholic Church used to actually sell forgiveness for sins in a manner not unlike the one above, and apparently are doing it again. For more on that history, Wayno discusses it in his weekly blog post about this same batch of funnies. Read it now, then come right back!

Bz C 190911 P.jpg

The word “ghost” is now considered derogatory and they now prefer to be called “former folks”. The former folks featured here are a little bummed that Game of Sheets has concluded. #BedtimeIsComing

Bz C 190912 P.jpg

Send in the clowns. That’ll scare the truth out of him. (Unless that’s Stephen Sondheim.)

Bz C 190913 P.jpg

As insurers always say, just because you’ve paid us a fortune over the years, it doesn’t mean you should ever get something in return.

And, for you Secret Symbol hunters, I stared at the above cartoon for a good five minutes, certain that Wayno had forgotten the sixth symbol. And then I found it. (So gratifying.)

Bz C 190914 P.jpg

One of the two primary residents of the White House used these special doors to get into the country, in fact. I’ve no doubt that it was completely legal and above board, however, because her husband has a huge bone up his ass about immigrants.

Well, I almost made it to the end of this post without mentioning politics but I’m only human and highly flawed, as you regular readers well know. Thanks for your forgiveness, Jazz Pickles, and thanks for being the best musically-specific condiments a cartoonist could possibly hope for! If you enjoy what we do here and that we do it for free without ads, please consider the links below which all help keep the bunkhouse mattresses at Rancho Bizarro stuffed with fresh hay.

Until next week, be happy, be smart, be nice, and resist ignorance, fascism, and nationalism.

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