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The cartoon above and my Sunday cartoon from last week were both created around the time that Olive Oyl and I adopted a pair of cats from the local shelter, hence the feline mindset. I admit that while I am kind to cats and open to forming a relationship with them, I much prefer dogs. Because cats and dogs are the two most popular species of house pets, people often compare them and declare one superior over the other. But I find that discussion to be as erroneous as asking what a person likes best: listening to music or listening to a podcast? Neither is better ; it’s entirely a matter of personal taste and some folks like or dislike both equally.

My least favorite thing about cats is how destructive they are and these two have already taken their toll on a few of our possessions. That was the impetus for the above cartoon, of course—the only way to completely cat-proof a house is to not own anything that can be scratched or broken. (Yes, dogs can be destructive, too, but I find that they can be trained to behave. I’ve not personally known a cat with this quality.)

Regardless, we got very lucky with these cats. They’re funny and playful and are getting along wonderfully with our two dogs, who are from six to eight times larger than the cats. I won’t include pictures of them in this post as I believe that photos of your pet are like photos of your kids; you’re the only one who is really interested.

What I hope you are interested in seeing, however, is this new T-shirt design we just added to our shop! It’s a fun mash-up of a famous piece of fine art and a famous crime-fighting duo. There’s no better way to show people that you’re educated about both ends of the art spectrum! I recommend that you grab one for yourself and a few more for gifts.


Are you wondering what culture mash-ups Wayno included in his cartoons last week? Let’s find out!…

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Other areas of clown science include locating the genetic markers for very long feet, bulbous red noses, and male-pattern baldness. Perhaps one day, we will be able to breed babies with these traits and save low-income families millions on clown costuming.

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Clean out your nest and security will escort you to the window.

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But do the bar nuts taste better in a scrotum-shaped bowl? (I’m certain they don’t and I apologize for the suggestion, but sometimes comedy and revulsion coincide.)

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Quite some years ago, somebody somewhere wrote something about me and mentioned my “known associate, Wayno”. We’re not sure why he called him that, but we both got a kick out of it and it’s been an occasional meme between us since. I’ve not confirmed it with Wayno, but I’m fairly confident this story crossed his mind when he wrote this gag.

To find out what else crossed Wayno’s mind, be sure to pop over to his weekly blog where he tells the scurvy truth about each of this same batch of cartoons. And, he always includes a fun music video at the end! (Don’t forget to come back and finish this post, though!)

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When I lived in the U.S., I used to wear a lot of low-flow models like the hombre at right, but down here in Mexico, I tend to opt for more shade. My full-brimmed sombrero is shade-on-demand, though, so it’s environmentally friendly. It also looks better with my collection of corny, vintage cowboy shirts.

Bz C 190720 P.jpg

But has she been with a guy with poorer fashion sense than him? I certainly hope not.

On a side note, if you’re carrying a stick with a small facsimile of your own head on top, it likely won’t matter what kind of clothing you’re wearing.

Well, Jazz Pickles, that concludes this week’s Cavalcade of Comedy Crap. Thanks for enduring the odor. If you enjoy what we do and that we do it here for free without a pay wall or ads, please consider patronizing one or more of the links below. In fact, why not try out our brand new American Gotham T-shirt?!

Until next week, be happy, be smart, be nice, and resist ignorance and fascism.

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