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Some of you more observant readers may notice that I sometimes use backgrounds more than once. The above cartoon is a restaurant scene I’ve used a bunch of times, changing various elements to facilitate the gag. If you’re the sort who enjoys comparing the two images, here’s the first time I used it. In this new version, there’s one fun background joke and I have updated my cameo appearance to look more like me today. I’m on the right, chatting with a rabbit.

Some years ago, because of where I lived and to whom I was married, most of my friends were animal rights folks. As with all gatherings of people for reasonable purposes, the majority were rational human beings with sensible ideas. But however rational most of a group is, you can always bet that a minority are hovering at the irrational extremes of whatever direction you care to point. This cartoon is not specifically about vegans or animal rights activists but is a model of what it seems to me always happens to any good idea when left in the hands of mere humans.

Let’s find out what the hands of Wayno were responsible for last week…

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Little known anthropological fact: In the Potato Head culture, being sliced, fried, and packaged in this manner is a treatment reserved only for members of the royal family. Hence the crown.

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I am often overwhelmed by the staggering number of dogs who are stuck with families less intelligent than they are. #IfDogsCouldVote

Bz C 190515 P.jpg

If “only the good die young,” this guy’s got nothing to worry about. (See: Dick Cheney)

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And if you don’t have the right insurance, it cost nearly as much as the alien’s budget to fly to Earth.

Seriously though, someone wrote to me this week demanding an apology to all gastroenterologists for this cartoon because they are hard working and don’t make much money and it’s really the insurance companies who make all the money, etc.

I’m no expert on percentage of blame belonging to each sector, but any logical person not fully marinated in Fox News propaganda can see that the American healthcare system is criminal, meant to keep a small handful rich and the rich healthy. And Americans who continue to vote for the GOP are just asking to continue to be reamed.

If you don’t fully believe me, try telling someone from virtually any other country how much it costs you in the U.S. to get a yearly physical or even to visit a GP for a sore throat, and be ready to snap a photo of the look on their face.

America: Keeping the Wealthy Healthy for 238 Years!

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Most of our gags don’t come from “real life” but this one was inspired by something I actually saw on a TV series about famous chefs. There is almost NO exaggeration used here. On the TV show, however, neither the chef nor diner were Brooklyn-style hipsters; that was Wayno’s choice because he loves to stick it to hipsters. (Which is a little weird because he’s a pretty hip dude, daddio.)

Over at Wayno’s weekly blog about this same batch of cartoons, he confesses to lots about this cartoon but not the hipster thing. Hmmm.

Bz C 190518 P.jpg

I wonder if she sees in his future a hilarious rendition of “Puttin on the Ritz”?

And so ends this week’s slumber party of hilarity, Jazz Pickles. Thanks for staying up late with us. If you like what we do and that we do it WITHOUT ugly ads, please consider dropping a morsel into one of the links below. It really helps keep the bunny fed at Rancho Bizarro.

And continued super special thanks to you Jazz Pickles who’ve sent us a little wedding gift these past few weeks! It’s all going into our honeymoon savings jar. (not kidding)

Until next week, be happy, be smart, be nice, and resist ignorance and fascism.

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