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As expected, I got some questions from head-scratching readers on this one. But what I didn’t expect was that people who didn’t understand my original meaning were readily coming up with alternate meanings for it. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though, because that’s one of the hallmarks of homo sapiens; the ability to create a story explaining pretty much anything that we don’t understand. It’s where mythology and religion came from and it’s why conspiracy theories are so popular. Crazy is more fun than obvious or logical, so there’s never a shortage of folks who will bite on anything anyone could possibly make up.

If you were confused by this cartoon, look closely at the spelling on the sign, look at the background, and know that there aren’t any actual balloons involved. Just a weird clown unleashing dangerous primates on anyone with five bucks. (Which almost sounds like an elevator pitch for a biopic about Trump.)

As long as we’re on the topic of viciousness, let’s chat for a moment about commercial airlines. I just flew to the U.S. and back last weekend and discovered that assigned seats are now for sale. We were flying on American Airlines and apparently you now have to pay $20 to $60 in addition to your ticket fee and the baggage fee for a seat assignment. You may opt to not pay that fee, but that means they’ll stick you way at the back of the plane, nowhere near your travel companion(s) and that you are last to board, which often means no overhead space is left. If you’re traveling with your elderly mother who needs your assistance and you can’t afford to pay the extra fees, too bad. You should have thought of that when you decided not to be rich. Not sure who invented this latest capitalist ass-reaming but American, United, and Delta are all doing it.

Of course, they have all kinds of bullshit Republican PR spin for why this is somehow better for customers, but the obvious reason is that the people who run these companies feel that they don’t have enough vacation homes. Now that America has been made great again, I can’t say I’m very impressed.

You may be happy to hear that you’re not being charged extra for our cartoons here, so let’s see what baboonery Wayno unleashed from his cartoon van this week…

Bz C 190923 P.jpg

With or without string, it’s pretty hard to solve crimes when you’re only awake for two hours a day.

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This wine pairs perfectly with the iceberg lettuce sandwich and the poppy seed soup.

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This guy’s haircuts were costing five times the usual so he now goes to a dog groomer. (I’m imagining him kneeling on top of a table while the groomer blow dries him, which kind of makes me want to watch Best in Show again.)

Bz C 190926 P.jpg

I need to ask Wayno if this is before or after Dali worked at the clock repair shop.

If you’re not familiar with the fine art reference above, check out Wayno’s blog post about this batch. And, being that he’s a musician and music history aficionado, in addition to the fun cartoon comments, he always includes a video of some weird song from the edges of obscurity.

Bz C 190927 P.jpg

I particularly like this one because I have a personal interest in the horrors of climate change, how it’s going to destroy our children and our grandchildren’s lives, and how there’s an entire network and political party trying to pretend it’s a hoax so they can make more money polluting the planet. It’s the not-enough-vacation-homes problem again.

Bz C 190928 P.jpg

I love our two cats but there’s no denying that they destroy a lot of life simply for sport. I could judge them for it but coming from a human being, it wouldn’t have much credibility.

That wraps up our cartoon cabbage roll for this week, Jazz Pickles. Thanks for dipping them in sauce with us. If you like what we do and that we do it without a paywall or ads, please consider peeking at the links below which help to keep the tent dry and taut here at Rancho Bizarro. We appreciate it mightily!

Until next week, be happy, be smart, be nice, and resist ignorance, fascism, and nationalism.

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