Bizarro Caption Contest

Update: THE DEADLINE FOR THIS CONTEST HAS PASSED. Let me know if you'd like us to do another one sometime!


Hey, Jazz Pickles! I've not done a caption contest in over 12 decades so I thought maybe it was time. Below is an old Bizarro cartoon of mine for which I invite you to come up with a new caption. The winner will be chosen by Olive Oyl, the K2s, and I and will be announced on my weekly blog post this coming Sunday, Oct 7.

We won't choose any entry that is similar to my original caption, so don't get any ideas about being all smart and googly! Just leave your caption(s) in the comments here or on my Instagram page—I'll be reviewing entries on both sites to find the winner, who will get a $20 GIFT CARD FROM OUR BIZARRO SHOP! 

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Until Sunday, be smart, be nice, be happy, (be funny!) and resist ignorance and fascism.